This Privacy Notice outlines the reasons The King’s Church, hereafter ‘The Church’, processes its data; what data it processes; how long it will be kept for; and the rights of individuals regarding their data

Why does The Church collect data?

The Church only collects data to:
  1. Maintain a Church list of The Church Family1
  2. Provide the best pastoral support to The Church Family
  3. Safeguard all children, young people and adults appropriately
  4. Support and manage staff and volunteers
  5. Maintain financial records and accounts
  6. Keep The Church Family informed on events and services
  7. Respond effectively to enquiries and complaints

We do not share any data with 3rd parties unless we are obliged to do so for legal reasons; for the public interest; for the benefit of the Church Family (e.g. medical emergencies) or with consent to do so.

What Data does The Church collect?

The church only collects data that is relevant to fulfil the purposes outlined above. The Register of Systems2 details the types of data The Church holds. This available upon request.

How long will The Church hold your Data?

The Church does not hold data any longer that is needed or legally obliged to hold. The retention periods are available in the Register of Systems.

What Rights do the Church family have?

Individual members of The Church Family have the right to:
  1. Request access to any of their personal data held by The Church. This is known as the Subject Access Request.
  2. Ask to have inaccurate personal data corrected.
  3. Withdraw consent and have personal data deleted where the law permits.

1The Church Family are the voting members, adherents, regular attendees, associates and website members. The King’s Church only collects data if an individual fall into these categories.

2The Register of Systems is an inventory list of all the types of data The Church holds and their retention periods.