The King’s Church partners with people and organisations locally and overseas. Please find our current partners below.


Compassion is a leading Christian children’s charity which, at its heart, has a relentless passion to act and empower every child left vulnerable by poverty.

Since 1952, they have been giving children the opportunity to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings through our one-to-one child sponsorship model. Our members, at King’s have sponsored 18 children all from Rwanda. Please pray and support this amazing charity. 

GEMS  – (Gospel Echoing Missionary Society)
Starting in 1972 GEMS is primarily a church planting and evangelism organisation working mainly in Bihar, Northern India.

They are having a significant impact as they have established schools, day care centres, homes for children as well as new churches. In the summer of 2016 Stephen Thompson (our pastor) was invited to do some lectures on preaching at the GEMS mission HQ in Bihar. Stephen writes: “I had two years to prepare. It is impossible to put into words how much they taught me. I was not surprised to find that I was the ‘student’ with so much to learn.”

Since his return, we as a church have donated £10,000 to construct a building for a growing congregation in northern India. We count it a privilege to partner with them. that building is now completed and is being used. See the transformation below!

Caring for life

‘Caring For Life’ is a Christian charity
established in 1987 to “Share the Love of Jesus” with at-risk and
hurting people, including those who are homeless. Through providing
long-term support, homes and friendship, they gradually help people to
move on from past heartache and hardship towards a happier future. 

It was John Kelly who first introduced us to the ministry of ‘Caring for Life’. When he joined ‘King’s’ he had been a supporter for some time. Through John’s initiative, we began to have visits from Peter Parkinson and members of the ‘CFL‘ team. Other people in our church got involved as volunteers, and in recent years Chris and Sue Morgan have been holding regular prayer meetings in their home for this inspirational work. We are grateful to John for his immense contribution to ‘King’s’, including his forging this precious link.

For more information on the work of ‘Caring for Life’ please visit their website or talk more with Sue Morgan. We have updates from time to time from them, our harvest service is a concentrated time of hearing and celebrating the work they do.

Peter and Martina Morriss

We met Peter when he was working at the British Library, living in Boston Spa, and attending the Methodist Church. Peter became an invaluable member of our youth work team. Eventually he went to study at ‘All Nations College’, where he met Martina.

Peter and Martina work with AWM (Arab World Ministries) based in the region of Sachsenheim, Germany.  We felt an enormous sense of privilege when they asked ‘King’s’ to become their sending church. Many years on, it remains a delight for us to partner with them in the great work they are doing.

Peter and Martina have a regular prayer letter which you can sign up for by getting in touch.


You can find more information regarding AWM by going to their website here.