About King's


We meet at Deepdale Community Centre every Sunday (11am and 6:30pm) unless otherwise indicated on our timetable. For directions click here.

We use both rooms in the community centre and most people stay around after the service for a chat along with the obligatory cup of tea and biscuit (assuming the children leave some).

Children's Centre

We also use the adjacent Children's Centre for Explorers, our Sunday school.

We are fairly informal (no need to dress up) and cater for all age ranges (we have a creche in addition to a Sunday school).

The Clifford home group from which the church started

The King's Church was launched in November 1989. A group of Christians had been meeting for some years, on a Tuesday night, in a home in Clifford. This small community was linked to Bridge Street - a thriving Pentecostal church situated in Leeds city centre. Some of the number had a strong desire to see a similar kind of church established in this area. With the help of a team from Bridge Street the church began, meeting at first in the Village Hall, but moving after a year to the "Deepdale Community Centre". We have been gathering there ever since. Throughout the years the church has steadily grown. Our congregation is composed of people of all ages, and we seek to worship God reverently, yet with informality.

A newspaper clipping about the first service at Deepdale

"King's" is affiliated to the Elim Pentecostal movement. We believe the Bible is the Word of God, and as such we are committed to teaching it faithfully, and to living it out in our every day lives.

Our mission statement says: To know Christ and make Him known. This is our "heartbeat."

We hope we may be able to welcome you at one of our services in the not too distant future.

We are probably similar to many churches in our organisation. We have a team of elders who along with the Pastor oversee the governance of the church. Alongside the Pastor and elders we have another staff member who oversees the youth work within the church. We rely upon volunteers from within the church to help run the many ministries we operate.
Church staff and officers
Stephen Thompson


Stephen is the founding pastor of the church. Stephen studied at Elim Bible College; from 1975-1978. He then served in pastorates at Southport, Lancaster and Leeds, before leading the start-up team for "King's" in November 1989. He has lived in the village for more than twenty years and 'loves' the place of his calling. Stephen is married to Jilly, who helps him significantly in many areas of church life. He has one daughter, Christel, who also serves in the church.

Jill Thompson

Pastoral support

Jill previously held Directorships in Marshalls, Polypipe and Toto before launching a water saving company from which she recently 'retired'. She now devotes herself to supporting the church as well as offering her services (free of charge) as a 'business/life' consultant.

Phil Baraniak

Youth worker

Phil, along with his wife Lisa and their two daughters Anna and Polly, joined the church in October 2014. Phil loves working with young people and desires to see them make the most of their lives which can only truly happen with Jesus. Phil is a keen musician and enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

King's is committed to serving the local community with the love of Jesus. One way we can all participate in this work is through the use of our financial resources, through giving.

How do I give?

  • Sunday Services. Simply place cash or cheques in the offering bag at the appropriate part during the service or see our treasurer after the service.
  • Standing Orders. Regular giving can be done via a Standing Order. This is simple to set-up and helps us enourmously. Our account details are:
    • Account number: 71401262
    • Sort code: 40-46-21
  • By Post. You can always send us a gift by post. Contact us for a postal address.

Can I gift aid?

If you are a UK tax payer then you can gift aid any donation you make. This increases the amount we receive by 25p in every pound given. To gift aid any donation simply inform our treasurer, in confidence, that this is what you would like to do. You can contact the treasurer in church on a Sunday or by using the contact us form.

Leaving a legacy

It is possible to leave a gift to The King's Church in your will. We would advise that you talk to a solicitor about this and contact us for more information. By considering support through our legacy scheme, you are helping to establish a secure future for the work of the church.

Note: It is not possible to give to King's using a credit card.

We believe that church is not about a building but about people in relationship with God and each other. We further believe that the Church should serve the community, living and speaking the Gospel. Christ says "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another" John13:34. Our faith foundations are built upon the following:

We believe the Bible, as originally given, to be without error, the fully inspired and infallible Word of God and the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
We believe that the Godhead exists co-equally and co-eternally in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that these three are one God, sovereign in creation, providence and redemption.
We believe in the true and proper deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His real and complete humanity, in His sinless life, in His authoritative teaching, in His substitutionary and atoning sacrifice through His shed blood, in his bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, in His heavenly intercession and in His forthcoming second advent to receive His Church.
We believe in the deity of the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son and the necessity of His work in conviction of sin, repentance, regeneration and sanctification, and that the believer is also promised an enduement of power as the Gift of Christ through the “baptism in the Holy Spirit” with signs following. Through this enduement the believer is empowered for fuller participation in the ministry of the Church in worship, evangelism and service.
We believe in the universal sinfulness of all men since the Fall, rendering man subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.
We believe in the necessity of salvation, of repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by which the sinner is pardoned and accepted as righteous in God’s sight. This justification imputed by the grace of God because of the atoning work of Christ, is received by faith alone and is evidenced by growth in Christ’s likeness.
We believe in the spiritual unity and the priesthood of all believers in Christ and that these comprise the universal Church, the Body of Christ.
We believe in the ministries that Christ has set in His Church, namely, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, and in the present operation of the manifold Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to the New Testament.
We believe in the baptism of believers by immersion in water in obedience to the command of Christ and in the commemoration of Christ’s death by the observance of the Lord’s Supper until His return.
We believe that the Gospel embraces the needs of the whole man, and that the Church is therefore commissioned to preach the gospel to the world, to make disciples and to fulfil a ministry of healing and deliverance to the spiritual and physical needs of mankind.
We believe in the personal, physical and visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ to reign in power and glory.
We believe in the resurrection of the dead and in the final judgement of the world, the eternal conscious bliss of the righteous and the eternal conscious punishment of the wicked.
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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice outlines the reasons The King’s Church, hereafter ‘The Church’, processes its data; what data it processes; how long it will be kept for; and the rights of individuals regarding their data

Why does The Church collect data?

The Church only collects data to:
  1. Maintain a Church list of The Church Family1
  2. Provide the best pastoral support to The Church Family
  3. Safeguard all children, young people and adults appropriately
  4. Support and manage staff and volunteers
  5. Maintain financial records and accounts
  6. Keep The Church Family informed on events and services
  7. Respond effectively to enquiries and complaints
We do not share any data with 3rd parties unless we are obliged to do so for legal reasons; for the public interest; for the benefit of the Church Family (e.g. medical emergencies) or with consent to do so.

What Data does The Church collect?

The church only collects data that is relevant to fulfil the purposes outlined above. The Register of Systems2 details the types of data The Church holds. This available upon request.

How long will The Church hold your Data?

The Church does not hold data any longer that is needed or legally obliged to hold. The retention periods are available in the Register of Systems.

What Rights do the Church family have?

Individual members of The Church Family have the right to:
  1. Request access to any of their personal data held by The Church. This is known as the Subject Access Request.
  2. Ask to have inaccurate personal data corrected.
  3. Withdraw consent and have personal data deleted where the law permits.

1The Church Family are the voting members, adherents, regular attendees, associates and website members. The King’s Church only collects data if an individual fall into these categories.
2The Register of Systems is an inventory list of all the types of data The Church holds and their retention periods.